Universal White Time Healing

Universal White Time Healing is an ancient Universal healing art and a very powerful gift of pure unconditional love. The Divine frequency makes it possible to work with healing that is finding a solution through time and space.

White Time is White light, which is the same as all colors of Light in one. And all Time in one means: past, present and future in one and the same unit of energy.

The philosophy behind Universal White Time Healing says that the body is like a musical instrument that is designed to create the finest of vibrations or tones. But when the body is feeling sick, the instrument plays out of tune. Because Universal White Time Healing goes so deep in, it can tune the body to the right tone again, through total unconditional love. Attuned for a healthy and happy life.

Universal White Time Healing helps us to balance everything both physical and psychological, but even on the emotional and the spiritual plane. It also works on the most subtle of thoughts, emotions and dreams, creating the smartest ways of solving problems, inspiring new ideas and increasing positive experiences.

The Healing therapy can help with:

> Physical pain & sicknesses

> Stress / tension / depression

> Fears / loneliness

> (Processing) sadness & traumas

> Anger / frustration

> Burn-out / tiredness

> Blockades in life energy / sexuality / insensibility in body

> Get rid of addictions such as smoking or eating

> Lack of self-esteem / self-confidence

> Feeling more home in your own body

> Living out of your heart, connecting to your truth power

and feeling more self-love.

Healing session

The deep clearing and reconnection stimulates healing in all ways. The healing session includes aura cleansing, chakra cleansing and balancing, grounding and more. The energy continues to work in te body for twenty-seven days.

A normal hands-on healing takes approximately 1 hour.

During the session you will relax and receive the Divine healing energy in combination with sound healing frequencies and crystal healing. After this we will talk about what came above and you will receive a personal advice.


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