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Loving ourselves is the first step on the way of healing oneself and the planet. An important part of loving ourselves is the way we take care of and treat ourselves, and therefore how we nourish and feed our body with both foods, and thoughts.

It is impossible to define what food would be healthy for all of us. Every person is unique & has a different body chemistry. For one person an apple can keep the doctor away, for the other one it might bring the doctor every day...

We need to understand that the body is our temple.

The way we nourish ourselves has very much to do with the way  we feel and absorb the world around us. "We are what we eat".

I am specialized in working towards a High Vibrational Lifestyle in combination with the Blood Group Philosophy.

I can help you with:
- a conscious way of living.

= designing the perfect plant-based diet for you.

  1. -utilizing foods, herbs and flowers as medicine.

  2. -protecting from Electromagnetic fields

  3. -self-healing through sound frequencies, affirmations and the power of the heart.

My purpose is to reconnect you to mother nature and your own true and magical nature, so that you can live a harmonious life, aligned with your Divine purpose and effortlessly manifest love, joy and abundance in your life. 

“Love yourself and fill your body, mind and soul with high vibrational foods and loving thoughts....”


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Elizebeth Denise 

Holistic Healing, High Vibe Life Coaching & Nature Retreats


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